lunes, 7 de febrero de 2011

Important National Date

Another important date but national is the flag day. Flag Day is celebrated on 3 August a national holiday in Venezuela, with oficilizado in 2006 to commemorate the first raising of the flag given by the General Francisco Miranda on Venezuelan soil. President of the Republic, Hugo Chávez Frías, decreed
this day as Flag Day, in justice to the Generalissimo Francisco de Miranda and the martyrs who arrived 200 years ago at La Vela de Coro for lifting for the first time the national flag. Day of the Flag of Miranda. Revolutionary Flag Day, in justice to the real story, because on March 12, also must admit, Miranda raised the flag ship.

Important International Date

An important international holiday is March eight, the day that a lot of countries celebrate Women's Day. This day we celebrate the women strenght and fierce that we had or have to confront all kind of situations no matter how bud or big that this one could be. The idea of an international day of women emerged at the end of the nineteenth century, in the middle industrial revolution and during the rise of the labor movement. The celebration includes a fight already begun in ancient Greece and reflected in his work by Aristophanes Lysistrata, which counts as Lysistrata initiated a sexual strike against men to end the war, and that was reflected in the French Revolution: Women Paris, which demanded freedom, equality and fraternity, marched on Versailles to demand women's suffrage.

My Birthday and Special Day.

My name is Maria Fernanda Fuenmayor I'm 17 years old. My birthday is on March eight. I'll birth 18 years old wich is awesome. My sign is Pisces. For me this day is very special because we also celebrate women's international day and in certain way I celebrate two important dates at the same time.

Schedule of activities for the week

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
7:00am Go to class. 7:ooam Go to class. 9:00am Go to class. 8:00am Go to class. 12:00 Lunch with my Family. Relax 10:00am Family Reunion
12:00pm Lunch 12:00pm Lunch. 12:00pm Lunch. 12:00pm Lunch 1:30 Go to my home town. Keep relaxing. 4:00pm Watch movies.
3:00pm Study. 4:00pm Work out. 2:00pm Study. 3:00pm Go to class again. 3:00 Relax. 4:00pm Go to my hair stylist. 6:00 Go to the church.
6:00pm Relax. 6:00pm Go to the movie. 5:00pm Go the my cousin game 6:00pm Work out at the Gym. 6:00 Spend time with my family. 8:00pm Get ready to go out. 8:00 Be with my friends.
8:00pm Watch Tv. 9:00pm Watch Tv. 8:00 Watch Tv. 8:00pm Family Dinner. 8:00pm Go out with my friends. 10:00pm Go out J 10:00pm Sleep
10:00pm  Sleep.
10:00pm Sleep.
10:00pm Sleep. 10:pm Sleep. 12:00pm Sleep. 3:00am Sleep.


  1. Genesis: Great. What movies are playing?
  2. Deisy: I want to see pirates of the caribbean 4. Is playing?
  3. Helen: No, Saw 3D is playing at 7:00pm. Let's go.
  4. Mafe: Awesome. That sounds good

viernes, 28 de enero de 2011

My name is María Fernanda Fuenmayor Morales, I'm from La Villa Estado Zulia. I'm 17 years old and I study public accounting. I have a sister and a brother. I live with my parents. My brother is baseball player, he is pitcher and his only ten years old, he's my proud. On my free time I like go to the movie and watch horror movies, go out with my friends and spend time with my family. My favorite color always has been yellow. My number one hobbie is hear music. My dream is travel around the world and meet different people and cultures. I like have a lot of friens but that they'll be honest. I don't like travel in personal car because is very exhausting and uncomfortable. I'm not very good in English and I'll really like learn more about it. About what I'm studying I've gotta say that is the best carrier I've could choose between all. And I say that is the best because I really like it and you can learn a lot of things in it, not just what the carrier requiered and that's really cool. I also like it because I can have my own company.